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Neijiang delicacy made Canada guy fall in love with sweet delicacy

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Neijiang city is located in the southeastern part of the land of abundance, is located in the beautiful and rich shore of Tuojiang river. East Chongqing, West Chengdu, Nantong, Zigong, Yibin and Luzhou, north to Suining and Nanchong are among the 8 major cities in the east of Sichuan Province and Sichuan province. The geographical position is longitude 104, 15, --105, 26, latitude, 29 degrees, 11 ', --30 degrees, 2'.
内江历史悠久。内江是开发较早的巴蜀腹心城市,东汉建县,曾称汉安、中江,隋文帝时改称内江,至今已有2000多年的历史。1950年设 内江专区,1985年改建省辖内江市。1998年,经国务院批准,内江行政区划进行再次调整至今。由于历史上盛产蔗,制业发达,素有"甜城"之称。
Neijiang has a long history. Neijiang is developing earlier Bashu Fuxin City, Eastern Han dynasty built the county, said Ann, Zhongjiang, when the Sui Dynasty was renamed Neijiang, has been 2000 years of history. In 1950, the Neijiang area was established, and in 1985 it was rebuilt and Neijiang province was administered. In 1998, after the approval of the State Council, the administrative divisions of Neijiang were re adjusted so far. As the history of the sugar rich, sugar industry developed, known as the "sweet".
Neijiang is known as "thousands of hometown", "Cultural Village" reputation, is one of the developed areas in Sichuan culture. Since ancient times, talented men, gathering of talents of Confucius, Shi Changhong, Wang Bao, Han Fu family Han Dong and Song Dynasty educator Chen Tuan, painter Zhang Daqian, the famous painter Zhang Shanzi, Fan Changjiang Sun Zhongshan, was awarded the news giant one of the four great generals generals are Yu Peilun is an outstanding representative of Neijiang annals. There are 1947 types of schools at all levels, including 1 colleges, 6 secondary vocational schools, 4 teachers, in general 281, 26 vocational schools, 1111 primary school, 760 thousand students, the city's compulsory education, gaokaoshangxian rate, acceptance rate has been among the highest in the province. The city has 3 research institutions, all kinds of high, intermediate and professional staff of more than 2 people, engaged in technical development, scientific research staff of 4000 people. In recent years, a large number of scientific research achievements have won national, provincial and municipal awards for scientific and technological achievements or scientific and technological progress awards.
Neijiang Tiancheng
Neijiang Tiancheng
Neijiang is rich in tourism resources. The city has 28 tourist attractions and more than 180 tourist attractions. The Zizhong gorge, Longchang Baiyun, Yongsan Gu Yuhu provincial scenic spot, Zizhong County is only along the Chengdu provincial historical and cultural city, the county Luo Quan Zhen Tiefo Town, is a provincial historical and cultural towns. Xilin Temple Buddhist shrine, "Nakagawa the way" shengshuisi, Confucious'temple, Longchang, capital of the temple church groups, three yuan tower, Zhang Daqian memorial hall, the memorial hall of General Yu Peilun and Yangtze River Forest Park "places of historic interest and scenic beauty, the Qing Dynasty street, walled Genting, Gu Yuhu and Weiyuan Lake boat - white cattle village landscape are famous and renowned Chinese and foreign.
内江美食 让加拿大小伙爱上甜城美食
Neijiang delicacy made Canada guy fall in love with sweet delicacy






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